Valley View Memorial Park became a full service cemetery to provide you with an opportunity to plan ahead and be ready for the inevitable. By being prepared you can  have the peace of mind you deserve knowing its all taken care of.

Pre-planning is easy

So easy that all you need to do is get in contact with us with or without a plan, and we will set a time and date to meet with you. When doing so we will go over our survivors guide with you to help you fill out any personal wishes you may have like what service you’d like, the type of headstone you wish to have, or even the type of tributes or key life stories you wish to be shared.

It puts you in control

Pre-planning puts you in control which allows you to decide how you’d like to be remembered. Having full control of your final wishes can ensure you and your family have a meaningful ceremony as the move from this life into the next, begins. 

Pre-planning helps Save Money

The FTC states that funeral expenses will be the third largest expense that most consumers will ever make, right behind a car and a home. By pre-planning you are making one of the smartest financial decisions of your life by avoiding the annually increasing inflation costs!

Takes the burden off of Loved ones

When death occurs, loved ones are already faced with an array of emotions and stress. By pre-planning you can completely remove the emotional burden off of your family by not requiring them to have to plan for a funeral and coming up with expected expenses.