As a full-service cemetery, Valley View gives you the opportunity to get Peace of Mind for yourself and your loved ones by pre-planning.  Many items needed at the time of a death can be purchased in advance for huge savings – partly financial and partly because loved ones don’t have to make as many decisions on one of the worst and most vulnerable times of their life.  If cemetery items are purchased long before they are needed, inflation doesn’t enter into the picture, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Also, your wishes can be known using Valley View’s Survivor’s Guide, a tool that gives grieving loved ones an idea about what you wanted.  Peace of Mind through pre-planning saves loved ones heartache and possible funding shortfalls at the worst and most vulnerable time.  



Valley View offers Peace of Mind in many ways to include the beautiful gardens available.  Spaces are limited in the peaceful circle Garden of Christus but  in-ground lots do remain.  In Valley View’s Garden of Devotions, prime locations remain with family plots available too!

In the Garden of Christus, you’ll find Valley View’s new “Matthew” columbarium on the right side of the Jesus statue.  This beautiful and dignified above-ground, granite choice allows for additional options when the cremation is planned.  It is a modern way to be memorialized at a fraction of the cost of in-ground burial.  Niches are still available for pre-purchase but space is limited and and prices will only increas. Lock in your niche today and save! Payment plans available so why wait?   Ask for details Today!



When it comes to markers and monuments, Valley View Memorial Park and Monuments is the place to go.  An assortment of beautifully hand-crafted and personalized markers and monuments are available for placement at Valley View or other area cemetery.  

Beautiful upright granite monuments complete with etched pictures or gorgeous scenery, flat granite and bronze markers, or anything in between (to include bronze plaques) Valley View will provide the solution to your needs.  Name/s, dates, interest or hobby emblem/s are included.  

Your thoughts and design will be captured and memorialized the way you want.  Give us a call Today!  Payment plans available so why wait?


Traditional burial and urn vaults that are made to ensure safety and security. Unlike polymer, cement is porous, so water can penetrate.  Polymer vaults are designed for strength and durability.  They also are securely sealed to assure the contents stay dry and undamaged from the elements.


Valley View Memorial Park has a full graveside service setup to include a 12′ x 12′ tent with sides, 6 chairs and grass carpet (with lowering device included for those who choose a Polymer vault).  This  protected space is available for loved ones and those unable to stand for the service.


  This handicap-accessible building is available for services, receptions and other events.  In inclement weather, this facility allows for a comfortable, climate-controlled environment with tables and chairs available for 50-60. 

What to do first?

There are many options and choices which may seem overwhelming.  That’s why we’re here!  Call us today and we’ll answer your questions and concerns.  Let us help you make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.