Pets love us unconditionally as we do for them. Often times the love grows so strong they become family. Just like us though, they wont live forever. We don’t want to think about it but sooner or later you will need to find a place for them. When that time comes you want to show your pet the same love and respect that they gave to you. 

Personalized Service

Our Pet Haven section at Valley View Memorial Park was envisioned because the closest pet cemetery was over 50 miles away in Topeka and we felt this pet-friendly area should have a place for our beloved extended family.  Like all the other sections of Valley View, each burial in the Pet Haven is unique and each pet has its own private grave.  All burials are recorded in our computerized database for future reference and added to the directory.  Each family can choose the items they want to make their pets final resting place unique and its own.

Each Burial includes a 2-ft by 3-ft space and the interment. Additional items are available, depending on family needs. It is highly suggested that pets be cremated before burial at Valley View’s Pet Haven.  This is your place to memorialize those beloved pets.

A Variety of urns and other items are available for your pet if you desire, but are not mandatory. A memorial stone, marker, or other memorabilia items can be purchased and personalized at Valley View to express your feelings.

Graveside memorial services that can include tent, chairs, and grass carpet for a nominal fee. Indoor services and receptions are also available at the Celebration Center.

Our pets show unconditional love and are there for us. Shouldn’t we be there for them? They deserve dedication and respect but how? What do you do? Who do you turn to? Let us help you make those tough choices for your beloved companion when the time comes.