Valley View Memorial Park and Monuments is dedicated to the families in and around the Manhattan, Kansas community.  At any age or stage of life, a crisis can happen.  Why not be proactive and pre-plan?  Valley View staff are passionate about the concept of Peace of Mind through Pre-Planning to alleviate decision-making at the most vulnerable and worst possible time.  It also allows families to avoid inflation by purchasing many of their needed cemetery far in advance of a need.  In addition to being a peaceful place to visit loved ones including pets, Valley View offers healing through events and celebrations such as the annual Memorial Day service.  Valley View Memorial Park and Monuments is here to serve YOU!

What is a “Full-Service” cemetery?

As one of only a handful of privately-owned cemeteries in the State of Kansas, Valley View Memorial Park is determined to give customers what they want and need without over-pricing or including add-on’s that aren’t truly needed.  That is why Valley View began selling monuments, markers, and Polymer vaults.  As a part of the “Pre-Planning” package, Valley View can provides quality products for a reasonable price that can be purchased well in advance of the needs to remove inflation and save making more decisions at the worst possible time when loved ones are grieving and vulnerable. 

We’re here to help YOU!


Give us a call today (785-494-2842).  We can set up a time to meet at our office or in your home.  We can walk you through the Survivor’s Guide or give you a chance to think about it and schedule another appointment later but just remember even if you wait, the need to pre-plan is real, available and the best way to get ahead of one of those seldom talked about necessities of life. By pre-planning, your loved ones won’t need to make as many tough decisions at a most vulnerable time. 

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